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Members List


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What a great group.

Petersburg - Summerfield Lions Club, Inc.

Here is a list of our current membership.

Lion Jim Beck
Lion Robert Connolly
Lion Fred Degner
Lion Harry Daniels
Lion Sharon Daniels
Lion Tim Doyle
Lion Mike Gilson
Lion Mike Goodin
Lion Jack Hewitt
Lion Bill Hewitt
Lion Doug Jennings
Lion Ken Laberdee
Lion Sam Ladd
Lion Dave Ladd
Lion Mike Mason
Lion Pat McAran
Lion Doug Miller
Lion Tom McGettigan
Lion Steve Lucas
Lion Charles Orr
Lion Mark Orzechowski
Lion Ron Petee
Lion Richard Petticrew
Lion Phil Scheuerman
Lion Dale Thompson Jr.


Here is a list of our current officers.

Lion Sam Ladd (President)

Lion Tim Doyal (First Vice President)

Lion Fred Degner (Second Vice President)

Lion Doug Jennings (Third Vice President)

Lion Jim Beck (Treasurer)

Lion Richard Petticrew (Secretary & Past President)