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Concession Trailer Page


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This page will show the progress of our new concession trailer as we get it ready for our summer events. We picked up the trailer on May 30, 2002 from Monroe Customs on the West side of the state. The owner of Monroe Customs also donated a used Popcorn popper to us. Thank You Don.

The trailer cost us $10,250.00 as seen in the photos below.

Pepsi has agreed to install a new 6 head soda fountain at no cost as long as we serve their products.

We have also found someone to construct the exhaust hood at the cost of the stainless steal only. This should save us alot of money.

Sam and I are in the process of deciding what equipment we already have that can be used in this trailer. We are also looking at what the best coarse of action is for our new equipment needs. We will have to buy a 24" Gas griddle and either one large fryer or two smaller counter top fryers. Our current fryer is just too deep (front to back) for this trailer.

Tom McGettigan

Petersburg - Summerfield Lions Club, Inc.

Rear with covers down

Serving Side with covers down